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100+ Inspiring Yoga Workshops, Concerts & Dance

Our theme and focus for our 2018 International Yoga Festival is to ‘Embrace Your Inner Mastery’ and we aim to stay true to the authenticity and integrity of each and every aspect of Yoga and the every growing space of spirituality surrounding it. To achieve this, we’re giving the festival more time and space for a deeper immersion of practices and transformations and are thrilled to have international presenters and guests joining us to help make the event even more wonderful.

Over the four days, you will have access to over 100 entertaining, inspiring, moving and thought-provoking workshops and activities as well as a range of yoga classes covering every style from peaceful, mindful meditations through to energetic dancing as well as SUP Yoga and Aerial Yoga taster sessions.

We feel very lucky to have an incredible line up of both local and international presenters, teachers and musicians joining us for 2018, each one bringing their own personal joy and individual charms to the event. Below you can find further details of each activity and the full schedule of events, so have a browse and feel inspired and excited about what’s on offer…

In this modern day and age there’s a style of Yoga to suit everyone, but with hundreds of classes on offer, how do you know which one’s for you?

Problem solved! During the festival we have all styles covered, from the more traditional, through to the latest trends taking the 21st century by storm. So come along and join us on the mat as you explore the varied practices and find the one that soothes your soul the most. Whether you’re looking for a slow flow or an energetic explosion of movement, we’re sure you’ll find a favourite.

View all of our local and internationally renowned yoga teachers and their sessions here!


For the majority of us, keeping our balance on solid ground is already a challenge, but for those of you who feel like taking things to the next level, join the Floating Mat Sup Yoga sessions in our non-choleric swimming pool!

Swap your mat for a stand-up paddle board and join Maggie Langeness from Citrus SUP Yoga in this new artful twist on yoga sequences.

“A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other” – Simon Sinek

Go beyond your limits and put your trust within others in our Acro Yoga workshops (not to mention creating some pretty impressive shapes for your Instagram account).

Learn about the art of teamwork with Jay Aumuanz from AcroJam as they guide you through how to manifest the therapeutic power of authentic connection to ourselves and others.



If you’re looking for a way to suspend your stresses and look at life in a new perspective, Aerial Yoga could be the key!

Aerial Yoga creates lightness in the body to float, fly, stretch, strengthen and lengthen the body and create agility in every joint.

Join Connie Causa in your hammocks to empower yourself and unleash that spark that makes you shine bright and experience elements of Iyengar Yoga in a fun and contemporary way!

Are you passionate about yoga and ready to take the step toward (further) personal transformation? Is it your dream to make a living by doing what you love? At the Festival we will discuss what it means to complete your 200 Hour and 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Kawai Purapura, and how this will not only deepen your practice, but help you create a change within others, as well as change your life.

These sessions will be lead by Sannyasi Pragyadhara, our Yoga Education Manager and the Senior Yoga Facilitator of our courses, who will impart her insights and knowledge of the practices of the ancient traditions of yoga so that you are able to embody this fully as well as ask all your burning questions about becoming a Yoga Teacher.


This is the time to tap into and unleash your performer within. Our world-class yoga teachers will help you explore the art of movement in a playful, free flowing way where you’ll have the space and opportunity to delve into a different state of mind to reach your true potential.

Anirvan Deva is a talented DJ from Italy who gets inspiration from the vibrations of his audience to create mystic and uplifting performances intent on a revolution of the heart.

Australian music group Ashraya has a flair for unique and creative approaches to Kirtan, through which they aspire to share joy and happiness with everyone they meet.

The inspired tabla drumming of renowned Basant Madhur fuses Indian Classical Music and other global styles that embodies the spirit of multicultural music and dance.

Caitanya and Bex Deva work together to craft classes that link movement with breath, infusing them with her love of movement and self-exploration and his calm energy and cheeky sense of humour.

Caitlyn Welsh’s performances encourage positivity and liberation through sound and will help you connect music deeply with your spiritual growth in ways that will continue to influence your life after the festival.

Infusing catchy rhythmic percussion, insightful lyrics, and new age soul into Roots, Rock, Reggae, and Rhythm and Blues, Dylan Wade takes you on a truly inspired musical journey.

Emma Skellern helps people through music, reiki, and conscious breathing techniques to journey deep and take more actions guided by their heart.

Helen of Joy brings her many talents into her teaching, guiding people through sacred chants and simple movements toward heart opening and love for all beings and Mother Earth.

Experience a unique and powerful ShaktiRize dance led by Jasmine Judson, who created this blend of tribal dance, HIIT, and yoga to help women dance together to re-discover the warrior queen within.

Jimi Dale plays and improvs African inspired rhythms with a touch of groove and Latin flavour. (And kids will enjoy Jimi’s Storytelling & Drumming workshop!)

Returning from a successful workshop tour in Europe, Jyoshna La Trobe, PhD, infuses her performance with what she has learned in her studies of Indian and other indigenous cultures from around the world.

(should she also be tagged as Kirtan?) Rachel Key has studied both secular and sacred music, as well as intense vocal training, for 30 years and welcomes everyone to participate in and enjoy the traditional call and response style of chanting.

Award-winning Indo-Kiwi dancer Ratna Venkat fuses Indian classical dance with Indo-Western, Indo-Chinese, Indo-Māori and other styles into her stunning and spellbinding performances.

Simone Vitale is a Sound Healer, musician, composer, and Vocal Yoga Teacher and shares his music and teaching around the world.

Sannyasi Pragyadhara offers multiple classes and workshops, from Meditation to Yoga Nidra to Wisdom Talks. An extensively practiced and studied teacher and mentor, she is dedicated to service; is involved in programmes for diverse populations including orphans, nurses, and those in prison; and is currently the Director of the Yoga Teacher Training at Kawai Purapura.


If you’re looking for a way to get lost within the vibrations of your body and free your mind, bringing in more peace and tranquility, then Kirtan could be the answer. The Kirtan workshops available will create that brightness within where we can come together to open our hearts and souls through the chanting of mantras, connecting deeper on a spiritual level, and discovering the healing power of the voice.

Franko Heke uses his love of music to ignite the divine spark and remembrance within us all both through instruments and his healing voice.

A foundling member of Shakti Sacred Music, Premratna, will lead a Kirtan session to open your hearts through this singing meditation.


Add some meditation to your yoga schedule at the festival and see how the combination can take you to new heights in your spiritual and mental state. It is said that the true purpose of Yoga postures is to prepare the body and mind for meditation, and together they bring a totality within that truly frees your mind.

Acharya Das will be leading several workshops about mindfulness, self-mastery, and transcendence, teaching from his vast body of knowledge of yogic wisdom, Vedic philosophy, meditation, Kirtan, the path of happiness, and other ancient teachings.

A passionate teacher helping people embody more of who they are, Arielle Atman leads her classes from the belief that people can open to, awaken, and accept who they truly are.

Bernardo Staut comes to the festival from Brazil to offer his unique style of teaching blended from Hatha, Kundalini, Alignment, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Vedic Chanting, and more.

Bex Deva, a certified Nia and yoga instructor, infuses her love of movement and dance into her passion for self-exploration and discovery, and holistic health.

Try a Dancing Chi Movement Meditation with Billy McGrath and explore your innate ability to connect with energy and frequencies in the body and spirit.

Through guided meditation, Dean Nugent and Christine Phippen will take you through deeply relaxing, restorative, and powerful practices to transcend the limits on the feeling-heart.


From the hearts of our influential teachers comes the intention to share their inner tips and secrets on how to invite new perspectives inwards, revolutionise your life, reach a state of ecstatic aliveness, radically free yourself from the boundaries of our current conditioning, and awaken your intrinsic awareness to create that shift.

Swami Karma Karuna shares a unique and practical approach, drawing on her own personal experience, thus imparting and inspiring the integration of yogic principles and practice into everyday activities.

Catia has dedicated her life to healing others, helping them find inner peace, universal love, oneness, happiness and freedom through Yoga, Psychology, Philosophy, Science and Eastern & Western Estoteric Tradtions.

Revolutionise your mind, eat living colour and fuel your passions with Gabrielle Louise‘s live-in-action food presentation broadening awareness of this holistic and revolutionary lifestyle.


Here at the New Zealand’s International Yoga Festival we encourage children to embrace the yogic lifestyle from a young age through creating magical experiences to engage their inquisitive minds.

Nichola Jones explores art, yoga, and movement for children and families.

Movement and play is an integral element of kids yoga which is delivered by Arielle Atman making this a fun and dynamic session to learn through movement and stillness.

Michaela Sangl creates a magical and beneficial experience for children and families using travel and adventure stories, creative games, and group and partner poses.


All children under 16 have FREE entry to the festival!


Arielle & Phillip Atman will collaborate together to guide you through a spiritual journey via a cacao ceremonies.



More Information Coming Soon