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Project Description

Nichola is a trained yoga teacher, mum of two and filmmaker who grew up in Christchurch. After living in Auckland since 2004 and completing her one-year diploma in Yoga from Wellpark College, Nichola discovered particular yoga tools that helped repair her self esteem and self love. Nichola aims to share these tools through her Asana Classes, Art Meditations and the new Kids Yogi Ventures, where parents can introduce their little one to the joys of yoga.

Nichola has been involved in Yoga for 15 years and teaching since 2015. Nichola believes Yoga is a way of life and tries to encourage her children and remind herself to apply all forms of Yoga to their every day experiences. By allowing children to join our Yoga practices, Yoga becomes second nature, it is inspiring to watch your children self regulate with pranayama breathing techniques and see them discover they have the tools to calm themselves down.


Session 1:  Ora Yoga Kids Yogi Ventures

Yogi Ventures are 20min kids yoga classes taught through stories by Nichola from Ora Yoga. Ideal for preschoolers with their parents guiding them if needed.

Nichola is a qualified yoga instructor, mum of two and currently teaches Yogi Ventures public classes weekly in Green Bay and is available to teach in your local daycare centre.

Session 2:  Ora Yoga Asana & Art Meditation

A great way to approach meditation, we start with a physical asana class and transition into art meditation, all art materials supplied. Art meditation has proven to help in healing depression and trauma as well as allowing an easier way into meditation.

* Koha donation appreciated for art supplies