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Project Description

Kara-Leah is an internationally-renowned retreat leader, teacher and author. She has impacted millions of people over the last decade through her articles, books, videos and teaching. Passionate about liberation in this lifetime, Kara-Leah practices and teaches an every day path of awakening – the path of the Awakened Heart Warrior. This path is grounded in Tantra and focuses on dissolving layers of the conditioned mind into deeper and deeper heart-felt presence. Kara-Leah’s work, through her teaching, writing and retreats, focuses on using the process of compassionate inquiry to reveal conditioned mind, and so help people to drop down into being-ness and presence.


Email: connect@karaleah.com

Web: karaleah.com

Facebook: karaleahgrant

Instagram: karaleahgrant

Session 1:  Beyond Asana • A Tantra Yoga Practice

Discuss the essential understandings of Direct Realization Tantra Yoga. Learn a daily Tantra Yoga practice you can do anywhere, anyhow, in less than 11 minutes. Includes chanting, breath retention and visualisation.

 Session 2:  Beyond Mind • The Way of the Awakened Heart Warrior

Come and enjoy an expansive and expressive session focused on unlocking your ability to share your innate gifts and talents and with the world. This practice uses visualization, asana, dance, pranayama and meditation to allow you to relax, open and radiate your Self with ease and joy.