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Project Description

Jasmine Judson created shaktirize out of a lifelong desire to empower and uplift women.  She found that when women come together to dance and move their bodies in a safe and welcoming environment that they can create amazing positive changes in themselves and the world.

Utilizing her extensive background in yoga and movement, coupled with an ongoing study of self love and the feminine mystique, her classes incorporate lots of rocking music, tribal dancing, and sensual sequencing so that each woman can re-discover the warrior queen within.

Session 1:  Shaktirize

Shaktirize is a mixture of tribal dance modalities, HIIT, and yoga. In Hinduism the word “Shakti” means “empowerment” or “power” and is the concept of the personification of the divine feminine creative power.

ShaktiRize provides powerful and transformative physical movements to inspire women to step into their feminine power both off and on the mat.

Session 2: Embrace your Divine Feminine