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Project Description

Janie has presented extensively at yoga festivals, expos and conferences throughout Australia and internationally in Auckland, New Zealand, the USA at Fort Lauderdale, Silicon Valley, Washington DC, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, San Diego and also at the Om Yoga Show in London. She is regularly invited to teach workshops and teacher trainings in yoga studios in Beverly Hills and Downtown LA as her popular and unique style of Japanese yoga – Zen Ki Yoga® is now in high demand due to its incredible healing ability and Janie’s attention to detail in anatomy, alignment and safety.

Janie runs a yoga studio in Darlinghurst, Sydney as well as two online yoga websites and offers a comprehensive teacher training program in-studio and by distant education.  She has 28 classes on DVD.  She has been invited back to the USA several times in 2017 and 2018 to present at the BOLD MindBody Conference, Women Empower Expo, The Yoga Expo and to train Zen Ki Yogi’s to expand this amazing yoga style worldwide.  Her 22 years of experience in looking after other’s health makes her one of the most knowledgeable yoga teachers in the industry.  Her passion draws your excitement back to learning and teaching great yoga and will ignite your light to connect to your deepest self.

Janie has appeared regularly on national television shows, on stage in shopping centres and in numerous magazine articles including being featured as the cover girl in spring/September’s Australian Yoga Journal 2016.



Session 1:  Energy Flow Through the Pelvis – Zen Ki Yoga®

Learn how to get optimal energy and blood flow through your pelvis to ground and centre yourself so you can connect deeply to your own truth self for true inner mastery.  Through this workshop as you develop a deeper access to your centre, you will learn how this work also benefits your reproductive system, sexual ability, fertility as well as addressing the core, your psoas and piriformis muscles to alleviate hip and back pain.

Zen Ki Yoga® is a Japanese form of yoga, based on the ancient meridian system, the principles of yin & yang, the 5-element theory, modern exercise science and common sense.  This unique yoga is like nothing you have experienced before with zero salute to the suns, while addressing specific internal organs to make lasting changes to your health, body, mind and spirit.

Session 2:  Rebalancing After Pregnancy with Zen Ki Yoga®

The excitement of the arrival of a new baby can often be accompanied by the denial of such a massive life change.   Some women never fully recover from childbirth – physically, emotionally or spiritually.  Learn how to get your body back, harness your spirit and maintain your sense of self, fix your bladder, your spine and get your sex drive back so you can be a great mother and still feel like an amazing, sexy woman.  This workshop is great for all women (even if you’ve had a baby many years ago or not at all).

Zen Ki Yoga® targets specific organs so you can strengthen them to make immediate and lasting changes to their function, the shape of your body and your entire health.