Sannyasin Atmabhava (Chris Henderson) – NZ2018-02-07T11:10:54+00:00

Project Description

Atmabhava came to yoga for the health benefits and the practical and scientific methods immediately made a strong impression on him. He spent 10 years living the yogic lifestyle and teaching yoga, meditation and chanting at Anahata Yoga Retreat. Now resident in Wellington, Chris works therapeutically in Rimutaka prison and mental health sectors and continues to share on a variety different topics in workshops and weekend retreats around New Zealand.


Session 1: Yoga for the Digestive System

Ancient Yogis understood that good digestion is key to radiant health. Experience yoga techniques to strengthen and restore the digestive process. Learn yoga diet and Nutrition principles and understand the relationship between Mind, Stress and Digestion. Find balance and reclaim your vitality.

Session 2- Master Your Self by Giving to Others

Serve, Love, Give… The Social Application of Yoga

Yoga is a tool of transformation. With that transformed Self, you can show up for others and be of service. Seva or Selfless service is an opportunity to give, without expectation for the the upliftment of those in need. This is the real yoga.

And just as asana influences the body, seva influences the personality. We can begin to understand the mind and relate differently with it.

To discover real joy in life and find purpose serve others. Its not enough just to stretch the hamstrings. Open your heart and purify your mind.