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Project Description

Acharya das teaches yogic wisdom, Vedic philosophy, meditation, kirtan, and the path of happiness, to a wide variety of audiences around the world.

Session 1:   Mindfulness – A Doorway to the Soul

Exploring the connection between mindfulness happiness and self-discovery.   How to use it as a tool to living a more meaningful, peaceful and happy existence

Session 2: Drugs, Alcohol & Self-Mastery – Finding True Freedom Through Yoga

Yoga speaks to the complex relationship between me (the eternal spiritual being residing within the body) and my mind.  Alcohol and drugs increase the control the mind has over me and shackles me to material existence.   What must I do to experience self-realization, God-realization, and to taste perfect happiness?

Session 3:  The Lost Art of Paramatma Meditation – How the Ancient Yogis Achieved Samadhi

Over the past century the ancient meditation techniques practiced by all authentic yogis has been discarded and almost lost, depriving true seekers the opportunity of a profoundly transcendental experience and boundless happiness.   This is an experiential class.

Session 4:   Death, Dying and Yoga – Transcending Death

We have strayed from the ancient wisdom which used to guide all people’s lives and their deaths.  The wisdom of true spiritual understanding found in yogic scripture offer a simple guide to living well and dying well.