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Project Description

Alistair served in the New Zealand Army for over a decade, including operational tours to East Timor and Afghanistan. After transforming his own life through the practices of Yoga, Alistair is dedicated to sharing his experiences with others, and in particular, those who serve our communities and nation (Military Veterans, Police, Firefighters and Emergency Medical personnel). Alistair focuses on teaching Yoga as a tool for self discovery, release from what is holding people back in life (trauma, stress, anxiety and depression-related issues) as well as increasing overall resilience within the body-mind.

Session 1:  Mindful Yoga  Therapy

The Mindful Yoga Therapy program focuses on the practices of Breath, Mindful Movement, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Gratitude to assist all people in releasing built-up trauma, stress, anxiety and depression as well as building resilience in the body-mind. This clinically tested and empirically informed program was developed by Suzanne Manafort, after having worked for over a decade in the Connecticut Veterans Hospitals teaching Yoga as a complimentary treatment for Military Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Although originally created for Military Veterans with PTSD, the Mindful Yoga Therapy program is now being used across the United States and internationally to support the treatment of and building resiliency within war-torn refugees, people with eating disorders, underserved youth and many others.

Session 2:  Yoga for Men

Yoga was originally designed by men for men, however, modern society in the West has created a stigma related to men practicing Yoga, where it is increasing perceived as difficult postures performed by flexible women in tight pants or monks in robes sitting for hours in meditation. This limiting perception of Yoga continues to hinder modern men from benefiting from all that Yoga has to offer them. Whether you have been practicing for years or are interested giving Yoga a try for the first time, come and share space with other men whilst experiencing for yourself a wide assortment of what Yoga has to offer the modern man, including; meditation, breath control (pranayama), vinyasa (movement with breath), restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.