Join us! From the 24th – 26th February 2017 at New Zealand’s only homegrown yoga festival

We invite you to come and join us in the celebration of the “Revolution of the Heart”

There is incredible power when we come together with shared intention. At the 2017 International Yoga Festival we are gathering together for transformation, for a revolution of the heart, where we are making space for evolution by connecting to the source in a deep way. This is possible when we become Yoga. Yoga teachers from around the world have been selected for their ability to create space where we can experience Yoga as an evolutionary way of life, as ecstatic aliveness, as radical freedom beyond the boundaries of our conditioning.
This festival presents an opportunity to transcend our sense of separate self and evolve together into deeper inspiration and creativity, a pure field of potentiality where we reclaim our Divinity and open up to new perspectives. The moment we transcend, we are touched by something profound.
This moment can change us forever!

100 Inspiring Workshops

Hearing, meeting and practising with world-class teachers, both local and international.

A full range of yogic practices from silent and mindful meditations to dance-yoga, aerial-yoga and paddleboard yoga.

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Four Main Yoga Studios


Early morning meditations and personal practice,
followed by classes and tutorials

For all levels of yoga.

The pagoda

The pagoda

Specialist sessions focused on the history and philosophy of yoga and ayurveda.

Kids teepee

Kids teepee

Scheduled activities include storytelling,
hula hooping, dance, laughter yoga,
and children’s yoga.
For all ages.

Marquee, glades & the plains


Experience fusions of yoga
with dance and music
or try out aerial-yoga!

Continuous kirtan stage


From quiet acoustic kirtan
through to energetic evening drumming,
there can be surprises at any hour of the day.

Wellness pagoda


Naturopaths and nutritionists explain
the benefits of organic and vegetarian foods,
recipes and treatments.

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